Assigning Follow Ups Upon Approval

  1. Open the Request Summary of an application that is complete or an evaluation that has been closed.
  2. Select Approve Request
  1. Fill out the approval form and then select "Approve Request" at the bottom of this form.
  1. Upon this step you will be brought to the Request Summary page. If you have Follow Up forms configured in the Follow Up stage of the process, you will be presented with the “Assign Follow Ups” grid. You will see that the dates you set in the process manager are in place within the DUE DATE column.
  1. You can change the date that is automatically generated for a particular request at this point. Changing the due date for a particular follow up will not affect the due date generated when that follow up is assigned to another request.
  2. You can also reassign a follow up to another member of the organization.
    • The system automatically recognizes the request holder as the recipient of the follow up, but in some instances you might want the follow up to be assigned to another individual within the organization.
  3. You can SKIP assigning follow ups at this point by clicking "Skip Follow Ups".
  4. When you select “Assign Selected Follow Ups” you will be able to view these assignments in the Request Summary.
  1. Note: The first follow up in the series must be filled out and submitted by the applicant. The administrator must then mark this follow up complete in order for the next follow up to be accessed.
  2. Note: If you would like two follow ups to be “editable” at the same time you will need to assign them both the same due date.

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