Board Member Tutorial

Logging In

Once you’ve accessed the log on page, type in the username and password provided to you and click the Log On button. 


  • If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click “Forgot your password?” to email yourself a reset link. 
  • DO NOT create an account. This is for applicants only. 

Edit Profile

Once logged in you land on your Dashboard. Upon your first time accessing the system, we recommend that you change your password to something you can easily be remember.

  • To change your password, click your name in the top right to open up a dropdown menu. 
  • Next, click the Edit My Profile button. 
  • Then click the Change Password button to set and confirm a new password.
  • To return to your Dashboard, click the HOME button. 

Navigation Menu


  • On the Dashboard your navigation menu includes:
    • The Requests & Decision Search tool
      • Where you can search for past and current grant requests in any grant process
      • To complete a search, enter search criteria and click on the Search button.
        • From the generated results Board Members can access the Organization summary including all grant history, by clicking on the Organization Name.
          • Note: Board members evaluating scholarships will not see any organization information.
        • Board Member’s can also access the Request Summary by clicking on the Project Name
    • You also have access to the Shared Documents page, which houses any files uploaded by an administrator.
      • This is a view only page. You may view documents but you may not upload documents. 
    • Finally, if the eReport Map feature is being utilized, you can see your foundation’s historic funding plotted geographically from data submitted to Foundation Center as part of their eGrant Reporting Program
  • Remember that the HOME icon in the navigation menu will return you to the dashboard from any other page. 


  • The Dashboard houses your evaluation assignments. 
  • The Board Member workload page link reflects the number of requests you have been assigned assigned for evaluation reflected to the right. 
  • The Closed page houses all previously completed evaluations are housed and can be viewed after the evaluation period has closed.


Completing Evaluations

  • To view the list of specific evaluation assignments and complete evaluations, click on the “Board Member” link to be taken to the Evaluation Workload page.
  • On the evaluation workload you can view or access:
    • The Process Name the request was submitted to
    • The applying Organization Name
      • The Organization Name link will take you to the Organization Summary page, where the you can view the Organization’s grant history, organization documents and organization comments as added by the administrator. 
        • Note: Board members evaluating scholarships will not see any organization information.
    • The Applicant’s Name
    • The Project Name
      • Project name is a clickable link that will take the evaluator to the “Request Summary” page where they can view:
        • The Applicant & Organization, 
        • Charity Checks that have been run on the organization, 
        • The previous stages the request has gone through and forms that have been completed.
        • Request Documents that have been uploaded by the administrator
        • Request Comments that have been entered by the administrator
  • Returning to the Evaluation Assignment workload page, the Status icon next to each evaluation assignment indicates if the evaluation has been completed or not.
    • red exclamation point will appear if any required questions on the evaluation form have not been completed
    • A green checkmark appears after all required fields on the evaluation form have been completed.
      • You can sort evaluation assignments by clicking on the Status column header. You may want to sort by the Status column so requests that still need to be evaluated appear on the top of the list. 


  • If the evaluation form includes scoring fields, once you’ve completed the form the score percent will appear in the Score column
    • The score is a percentage calculated by taking the total number of points you awarded per scoring question divided by the total number of points possible on the form.
  • When clicked, The “Review” icon will direct the you to the evaluation form where you can:
    • Create a PDF of the application form with responses by clicking on the “Application Packet” button.
    • Create a PDF of the evaluation form with your evaluation responses by clicking on the “Evaluation Packet” button.
    • Create a PDF of the questions on the evaluation form without responses by clicking on the “Question List” button
    • Return to the “Evaluations Assigned” workload page by clicking on the “Return to Application Evaluation Assigned” link located at the top and bottom of the page.
  • You may also click on the Organization Name to access the Organization Summary page, and 
    • Click on the Project Name to access the Request Summary
  • Board Members can also:
    • View the Process Name associated with the request.
    • View the Applicant Organization contact information
      • Note: Board members evaluating scholarships will not see any organization information.
    • View Request Documents that have been uploaded by the administrator,
    • and Click on the “Application” link to open the full application in another tab.
      • You can move back and forth between the application tab and the evaluation form tab.
    • Finally, the you can view and complete the evaluation form.
      • If you opened the full application in another browser tab, you can toggle back and forth between the application and the evaluation form as you complete your review 
        • The full application must be opened if you need to access uploaded files. 
        • Some of the applicant’s responses may be shared directly into the evaluation form depending on how your administrator configured the form. These fields will already be populated with the applicant’s responses and greyed out indicating they are Read Only.
      • Note that fields with an asterisk are required fields and must be completed. 
      • The system will automatically your comments, responses and scores as you complete the evaluation form.
      • Once you have completed the form click the “Save” button 
        • This will will take you to a confirmation page.
          • Any Required questions that were not completed will be listed on this page. 
            • Note that until all of the required questions are completed on the evaluation form the status will not update from a red exclamation mark to the green checkmark icon and a score will not be calculated, if applicable.
          • Click Continue to return to the workload page where evaluation assignments are listed. 
    • You can return to a completed evaluation form and change your responses up until the time that the administrator closes the evaluation stage.
  • When the administrator closes the evaluation period for evaluators, the request in the Board Member workload page are moved to the Closed page on the dashboard.
    • Evaluations can be accessed and viewed in the Closed bucket, but they are no longer editable.
    • At this time you will be able to access the Evaluation Summary and therefore all of the evaluations completed by the other Board Members.

Logging out of the system

  • To logout of the system click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the page and click “Sign Out”.

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