Scholarship Applicant Facing Tutorial

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You will access the system via the log on page. The Foundation may have provided you with a link to this page, or it may be hyperlinked on their Foundation website.   It’s recommend that you bookmark this page in your internet browser for ease of access.  If you’ve already created an account you may enter your email and password and log right in.  Otherwise you’ll want to click on the Create New Account button.  If at any time after creating an account, you can’t remember your password, you may click on the Forgot Your Password button, enter your email address and will be sent a link to reset your password.


  • After you’ve clicked the Create New Account, you will first be prompted to enter your personal information, including your email address that act as your Username to logon into the site in the future.
  • Enter the info into their respective fields, noting that fields with an asterisk next to them are required fields and you must complete them before moving forward.  
  • Note you can always click on the “Cancel Account Creation” button to abandon the registration page.  After you’ve entered in your User information, click the “Next” button to add a password. 


  • Click Create Account to complete registration.


Upon clicking Create Account you will be taken to the Email Confirmation page, so you can confirm that you are receiving emails from the system.  Follow the onscreen instructions and click the “Continue” button to finish the registration process.  Now you have an account in this system, and remember, this is an account that you will use for both present and future applications. 


  • Now you have an account in this system, and remember, this is an account that you will use for both current and future applications. 
  • Upon accessing the system for the first time, you will land on the Apply Page. This page will show you any currently open opportunities that you can apply for, as well as any relevant deadlines or other information related to them.
  • If you’ve been provided an access code, you may enter it in the upper right hand corner to reveal the opportunity you have been invited to apply to. 
  •  You can preview the application without having to save any work by clicking on the “Preview” button.  To start a request click on the blue “Apply” button under the opportunity you’d like to apply to.
  • Please note that if the foundation you are applying to may require an LOI. If so, when you click Apply you may be taken into the LOI form. If the foundation does not utilize an LOI stage, you will be taken into an Application form. In this example, you are taken directly into the application. 


Once in the application, note, that your contact information automatically populates at the top of the form. 

  • If you’d like a copy the application, you can click the Question List button.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, you may click the Application Packet button to download a copy of the questions and your responses. 
  • You may also update your contact information, and view your email history.
  • Otherwise, you will simply work your way through the form responding to the fields. Note that any fields with an asterisk are required fields and must be completed prior to submitting an application. 
  • As you complete the form, the system will auto-save every 100 characters typed or every time you click out of a field.
  • You may collapse question groups as you go, once you’ve finished all of the questions in that group, as an indicator to yourself that you’ve completed that section and reduce scrolling time
  • Some fields may have character limits.
    • Responses that are longer than the set limit will be saved, but an error message will appear informing the applicant the the limit has been exceeded. 
      • You will not be allowed to submit the form until the length of the response has been decreased in accordance with the limit.
  • File upload fields will only accept one file, per field.  
    • Upload fields have size limits.
      • If you attempt to upload a file that is larger than the set MiB limit, you will receive an error message informing the applicant that the file is too large and the file will not be saved.
    • Upload fields may also have File Type restrictions.
      • If you attempt to upload a file type in an unaccepted file type acceptable file type you will receive a warning that the file type is not acceptable and you will not be able to upload the file. 
    • Once a file has been uploaded, it may be deleted by clicking the red X next to the file name and a new file can be uploaded.
  • Even though the system is auto-saving there is still a “Savebutton at the bottom of the form. 
    • When you click save you are taken to a confirmation page so you know the save was successful.
      • If you click “Continue” you will be taken back into the form so you can continue working.  
      • If you save and exit the system, you will access the draft of the form from your Dashboard the next time you log in.
        • Pick back up where you left off  by clicking “Edit” link to the right of the request.

  • When all of the fields are complete, submit the application. 
    • If any required fields were not completed, or a response to a text question type is longer than the set limit, the system will not allow the form to be submitted.
      • An error message appears listing the fields that need to be completed or edited. 
      • These fields are outlined in red so they are easy to identify as the applicant scrolls through the form.
    • When a form is submitted successfully, the applicant will be taken to a confirmation page. 
      • When the you click “Continue you are taken to your dashboard where you can VIEW your submitted request.
      • Note, that once an application has been submitted you can no longer edit it. 

Please note, that you will be automatically logged out of the system after 90 minutes of inactivity (you 

will receive a warning message at 80 minutes of the pending “time out”).  


  • After you’d submitted or saved your application you can return to your applicant Dashboard by clicking on the “Home” icon link in the navigation menu.
    • On your Dashboard you can view requests that have been submitted,
    • Or you can edit applications that you have saved but have not submitted.  
  • If your request is approved you may be assigned Follow Up Reports to be completed and submitted through the system. 


If you wish to edit your account information or change your password, click your name in the type right.  This will expand a drop-down menu.  If you click Edit my profile, you will be able to update your user information or change your password.  Be sure to click save in the bottom right once you’ve finished.

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