Adding a GuideStar for Grant Applicant Questions to a Form

When building a form (LOI, Application, etc.), select the Add Question button and then select the GuideStar Profile Question field type. 

  • A list of all the GuideStar Fields available for use on the form will appear. 

  • Select the GuideStar field you would like to add to the form. 

    • You may update the label field and add instructions if desired

    • Just like any other question you also set the character limit, Visibility and Required Type.

      • Please note that GuideStar questions can never have a Read Only Required Type because it is being pulled from an outside source

    • Then click Add Question, and the field is now added to your form.

    • Repeat these steps to add all of the desired GFGSA to your form. 

      • Note that the GuideStar logo appears next to the question as a visual indicator that the field is a GuideStar for Grant Applicants Field.

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