Capturing Fiscal Sponsor Information

The recommendation for Fiscal Sponsors is to set up an optional section on the application and capture the following information. You may also want to consider including a required question like:

Do you have a fiscal sponsor?*

If you include that question then you can run reports and either filter in or out the requests that have a fiscal sponsor.
Fiscal Sponsor.jpg

If an organization has a fiscal sponsor we recommend that the administrator change the name of the organization to include the name of the fiscal sponsor. For example:

Organization Name / Fiscal Sponsor Name

One reason that we do not have a section during registration for this is that fiscal sponsors can change over time and that is why we suggest including it in the application since it could be different from one request to another.

Another reason that we don’t collect the info at registration is because different foundations want to treat fiscal sponsors differently. Specifically, organizations that both apply for grants and act as fiscal sponsors to other applicants.  Some foundations want all those listed under one organization record.  Others want them listed under two.

It is also a good idea to run the GuideStar Charity Check on the fiscal sponsor. To do so, click on the Guide Star in the navigation list and enter the fiscal sponsor’s name or EIN and hit Search. Next, click on the Run Charity Check button and then click on Download pdf. Save the pdf to your computer and then update it to the request documents section of the request..

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