Status Change Log

As an administrator, you can access the Status Change Log to view each status change the grant has undergone, who made the change, and when. The steps below describe how to access and view the Status Change Log for a grant request using the Requests & Decisions tool in the navigation list.

  1. Click on Requests & Decisions in the navigation list.
  2. Search for the grant request (or application) in question by setting the appropriate search parameters under Selection Criteria.
  3. Click on Search.
  4. Once you have located the grant request in the search results, click on the request's Project Name.
  5. Click on Status Change Log under the Application Process Status heading.

The table on the Status Change Log page will display the date the change occurred down to the second, the status it was changed from, the status it changed to, and who made the change. All dates on the Status Change Log will reflect the time zone set for your site. 

In addition to Requests & Decisions, the Status Change Log may be accessed from a number of other areas within the Grant Lifecycle Manager such as Dashboard or Organizations. In each area the method is the same: locate the request summary page by clicking the Project name and then click on Status Change Log.

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