Editing Submitted Responses


Administrators have the ability to edit applicant and evaluator answers on any form.  This tutorial will walk you through the steps of editing answers to questions submitted by applicants, third parties and evaluators.

By default Administrators can access and change the answers on all questions on applications or other forms and Grants Managers can only edit Internal and Admin Only visible questions. If you would like to remove the ability for administrators to edit Applicant Only and Everyone visible questions or add the ability for Grants Mangers to edit all questions, contact support at support@foundant.com.

More Information

Follow the instructions below to edit a response to a question on a form.

  1. On the dashboard, click on the status bucket the request is located in.

  1. Click on the Project Name to go to the Request Summary Page.

  1. Click on the View icon to the right of the form you would like to edit (If you clicked the project name). (i.e. LOI, Application, Evaluation)
  1. Scroll down to the response you would like to edit and click on the Edit (pencil) icon. 

  1. Edit the response and then click Save.

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